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Applicable places: sports venues, commercial applications, banks, securities, postal, docks, shopping malls, stations, postal services, telecommunications, institutions, schools, restaurants, hotels , Entertainment, business and other outdoor places of advertising. LED advertising media screen as a new advertising terminal, with a display screen high-definition, high brightness, colorful, the main bright, innovative design, synchronous display, and so on, so that Your advertising in a number of complex advertising information to come to the fore, grab the audience's attention, so as to achieve higher publicity purposes, to achieve the customer's advertising needs, to achieve the desired brand promotion effect.

1, low power super bright LED, for any outdoor brightness of the environment 2, high refresh rate and high gray, so that the LED display screen is more realistic, to meet the commercial use of high visual quality requirements;

3, energy-saving design, low 4, the display environment monitoring system, real-time control of the display of the operating conditions;

5, intelligent, low power consumption, longer life, reduce power consumption;

Power control system, timing or remote real-time control LED display switch;

6, network cluster design, a central control of multiple display terminals, any changes you want to play the content;

8, high degree of protection, the whole screen cooling design, to ensure that the display of the screen, according to changes in outdoor light automatically adjust the display brightness, energy saving and environmental protection also reduces operating costs;

Prolonged normal and stable work. Dibo Wei Electronics to provide customized services for the needs of customers, including pre-design, production, installation, commissioning, after-sales, etc .; in the company's strong R & D team and technical engineering staff..

& nbsp; Efforts to achieve the LED advertising screen in the stable operation at the same time, but also in the longer operating time to maintain a good display, including the display screen color, brightness, contrast, gray and uniformity, in order to achieve advertising value To maximize. Font-size: 14px ">


Address:Hero Industrial Zone,7#, Junxin Industrial Road, Junzi bu Village, Guanlan Town, Longhua new District, Shenzhen, China  电话:0755-89480678  MobilePhone:13530107654  E-mail:szdbw@dbw-tech.com