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led advertising machine unique unique advantages
Edit:Shenzhen DBOVE-LED Technology Co. Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-03-24
LED advertising machine display system of the existing LCD, DLP larger and wider.

Field of view, thus attracting more attention than the amount of extraction, can be a variety of occasions or even more visual impact. Outdoor full HD picture quality, can achieve a rich color is color LED advertising machine display resolution, there are more and more delicate. Real-time dynamic sound and TV broadcast and video playback, in addition to being hit into a set of light can receive a variety of signal transmission of the LED display advertising machine rotating images, and also meet the interest of the observation point.

LED advertising machine uses a unique space display area, wide field of view advantages, reasonable line of sight will promote the brand and product information range, map display and advertising system effective transmission stable and repeated contact with the more extensive The audience.

If you are developing a technology-driven display advertising system to ensure that the results are in the form of a " The best to see full-color outdoor advertising machine, which according to the ambient brightness to adjust. LED display advertising machine itself is an adaptive brightness adjustment technology with the advantages of energy saving to reduce energy consumption, while at night at the same time according to the national energy saving concept to reduce light pollution. Performance improvement, continuous improvement, stable power supply design or replacement of flammable waterproof, dustproof indicator cooling The use of natural materials, LED display has an LED display advertising customers want to have a small number of accidents continue to rise in the advertising system safety factor.

In the outdoor advertising field of LED display advertising systems, it has a unique advantage. Whether people are likely to wait for the shape of a cafe or the favorite green traffic lights and LED display advertising system can attract people's attention. Crowded traffic arteries, shopping and local representatives to ensure effective advertising and more construction. This location may have a wide range of viewers to meet the needs of different brands. With the LED advertising system is the most eye-catching display of the huge flow of people, the brand will bring sustained attention and impulsive purchase.

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Address:Hero Industrial Zone,7#, Junxin Industrial Road, Junzi bu Village, Guanlan Town, Longhua new District, Shenzhen, China  电话:0755-89480678  MobilePhone:13530107654  E-mail:szdbw@dbw-tech.com