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LED traffic guidance screen area usage form
Edit:Shenzhen DBOVE-LED Technology Co. Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-03-24

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; > LED traffic induction screen system has been basically completed. And cover the full range of traffic information network, for the major cities traffic block Bao Chang "idea" of the main military, it is led traffic induction screen.

Earlier, the major municipalities took the lead in the installation of each road to start "thousands of miles" - traffic information variable intelligence board; followed by the region outside the ring, north and south, east and west elevated Information platform to complete the deployment, traffic guidance system opened; At present, the city expressway monitoring center construction has been basically completed; at the same time opened the city expressway traffic information real-time broadcast system, the most intuitive information carrier led traffic display that at the same time Will be a wide range of applications.

The main role of LED traffic guidance screen:

1. Real-time traffic information 2. Parking induction information 3. Traffic real-time information 4. Diversified information integration 5. Humanized information services 6 . Information openness improvement 7. Close contact with the transport sector 8. Can achieve television and radio integration, the implementation of intuitive induction 9. Improve the mobility of the transport 10. Improve the safety of traffic 11. Improve the traffic capacity of the road 12. Improve the public Travel efficiency 13. Improve the level of public service 14. Promote the improvement and improvement of traffic control 15. Rapidly networked centralized release and management

Induction panel current area use

P. 6. Information

7. Traffic Promotion

8. Tunnel Guide

9. Charge Show

The use of LED traffic guidance screen can increase the average vehicle speed on the traffic road by 3% or more, and the traffic accident response and guidance can reduce traffic congestion and traffic retention. The car driver is the most direct access to the traffic guidance system to provide information services to the group. Through the intelligence board set up on the elevated road, the driver can accurately obtain the front road information, ahead of choice, to avoid unnecessary unpredictable phenomenon. Tests show that the city's elevated road in the opening of the induction system, the flow increased by more than 5%, the average speed increased by 3% or more, smoothing time increased by 7% or more. With the help of "clairvoyance" to obtain information at the same time, the driver can also through the "wind ear" to understand the elevated road traffic - city fast traffic information real-time broadcast system in the day to provide the slightest real-time traffic broadcast, to avoid blindly after the traffic jam embarrassment The

& nbsp; Intelligence boards and radio are able to provide accurate road information in a timely manner, inseparable from the elevated road continued to fight the electronic "scout" - traffic information collector. According to reports, in the fast road pavement 5 cm at the laying of sensors, every 400 meters to install a group of ring detection coil, the average 20 seconds to the monitoring center to provide a speed, road saturation, road occupancy and other information. At the same time, all over the local area on the road hundreds of closed-circuit television camera device will also be transmitted to the monitoring center. Traffic management department with the information on the city's elevated road full coverage monitoring, the first time found in traffic accidents, vehicles and other emergencies, and timely release in the intelligence board and broadcast the corresponding Information, real-time induction on traffic, LED traffic induced by the first time real-time release will play a key role. Today, LED traffic induction screen has been and people's lives are closely related to how to more effectively establish a more intelligent, comprehensive transport system, still need relevant units and related institutions and the general public working together Cooperation to ensure effective and rapid progress of the "wisdom of traffic" revolutionary process.


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