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indoor full color LED display is popular in the advertising industry
Edit:Shenzhen DBOVE-LED Technology Co. Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-03-23

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Speaking of Full color LED display why hot before we first analyze the outdoor led full color display installation is often blocked in the outdoor advertising media market, outdoor led full color display with high brightness and support automatic brightness adjustment and other advantages , As much favored by the advertising owners of the display terminal. However, "into the brightness, defeat also brightness", with the people's attention to environmental pollution, especially light pollution complaints continue to increase, which bear the brunt of light pollution LED screen, so the introduction of public places led display management, led The screen in the outdoor application of the threshold is getting higher and higher, leading to the decline in sales of manufacturers. In order to cope with the regulation of light pollution, outdoor installation led large screen approval more and more difficult, high-quality installation location more and more scarce, for the led display manufacturers, to outdoor applications The amount of breakthrough is also getting harder and harder. It is understood that in the past year, led display outdoor application market share although showing a growth trend, but the growth momentum from the product innovation and performance improvement, not the increase in screen sales. This also means that the traditional extensive production and management model has been unable to promote the development of the industry. When the outdoor application is difficult to support the growth of performance, manufacturers will focus shifted to the indoor application market, and technology has become a business to enter the confidence. Space is limited, and the traditional led display has a close view of the grainy strong drawbacks, and the screen shows the delicate LCD, plasma and other products compared to its inevitable will not become The user's preferred object. However, with the rapid rise of small distance led display, this short board has been effectively compensated. The screen shows the perfect effect of the display has a challenge LCD, DLP and other large screen display products, and the indoor market has naturally become a lot of manufacturers focus on force. However, the indoor full color LED technology threshold is higher, the use of high cost, at this stage, both from the production level, or from the application level, are "local tyrants "Exclusive, in this case, the use of low cost, large sales led advertising machine has become the choice of most of the manufacturers of choice. Relevant research found that in the past year, led display in the outdoor application market share although showing a growth trend, but the growth of power is not the number of screens............. Increase, but the original screen value. This means that, with the application of market demand, the traditional extensive business model has been unable to promote the development of the industry, led display industry if you want to maintain steady growth, we must go fine line, refine the market application, And led display manufacturers on the indoor application market development and outdoor advertising machine is a great investment in this new attempt to change. In the large-screen display industry, technology development to a certain stage, refinement of services has become the key to the success or failure of the decision-making, in the process of development, Led display industry is naturally no exception. There are people in the industry Therefore, with the continuous improvement of led display technology, the application of the characteristics of the solution will become the leading manufacturers of the key manufacturers. In order to enter the indoor market, there is a high demand for the technology of the enterprise, and it is necessary to overcome the shortcomings of the brightness and high glare that the interior will bring. As a few domestic master of the leading display technology led enterprises - Di Bo Wei Electronics, to their original, difficult seamless stitching technology to overcome the general non-led display patchwork, the unit sub-screen brightness, Clarity and other inconsistent technical difficulties, to show the Di Bo Wei electronic indoor led full color display can be divided into, seamless natural technology. We will continue to adhere to customer demand-oriented, relying on technological innovation, product quality as the core, to provide customers with more quality products and services.

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