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Small pitch LEDs have a critical effect
Edit:Shenzhen DBOVE-LED Technology Co. Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-03-23
As the core of the LED display LED chip, in the small-gap LED development process (in the process of LED), the LED chip, LED chip, LED chip, LED chip, LED chip, LED chip, LED chip, LED chip, LED chip, Played a vital role. Small distance LED display current achievements and future development, are dependent on the tire side of the tireless efforts.

On the one hand, the indoor display screen spacing from the early P4, gradually reduced to P1.5, P1.0, there is the development of P0.8. Corresponding to the lamp beads size from 3535,2121 reduced to 1010, and some manufacturers to develop 0808,0606 size, and even manufacturers are developing 0404 size. As we all know, the size of the package lamp beads, will inevitably require the chip size of the narrow. At present, the market common small pitch display with blue and green chip surface area of about 30mil2, part of the chip factory has been in production 25mil2, or even 20mil 2 chip.

On the other hand, the chip surface area becomes smaller, single-core brightness decline, a series of problems affecting the display quality has become prominent.

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; First is the requirement for grayscale. Unlike the outdoor screen, the difficulty of the indoor screen is not the brightness but the gray scale. At present, the brightness requirement of the large interpolated screen is about 1500 cd / m 2 -2000 cd / m 2, the brightness of the small pitch LED display is generally about 600 cd / m 2 -800 cd / m 2, and suitable for long-term attention The display of the best brightness in the 100 cd / m 2 -300cd / m2 or so. One of the shortcomings of the current small pitch LED screen is "low light gray". That is, in the low brightness of the gray is not enough. To achieve "low bright high-Hui", the current package is used in the black bracket. As the black bracket on the chip's reflective weak, so the chip has enough brightness. In general, the development of small pitch LEDs, the demand for the core segment is: size reduction, relative brightness enhancement, small current brightness consistency, parasitic Capacitance is good, reliability is high.

1, the size of the chip to reduce the size of the surface, that is, the problem of layout design, it seems that as long as the need to design a smaller layout Will be able to solve. However, the chip size of the reduction can be infinitely go on? the answer is negative. There are several reasons that limit the size of the chip:

(1) Packaging processing restrictions. In the packaging process, two factors limit the chip size to reduce. One is the nozzle of the restrictions. Solid crystal need to absorb the chip, chip short side size must be greater than the nozzle diameter. At present there are cost-effective nozzle diameter of 80um or so. Second, the wire limit. First, the wire rod chip electrode must be large enough, otherwise the reliability of the wire can not be guaranteed, the industry reported the smallest electrode diameter 45um. ; Secondly, the spacing between the electrodes must be large enough, otherwise the two wires will inevitably interfere with each other.

(2) small pitch LED chip processing restrictions. Chip processing process, there are two aspects of the restrictions. One is the layout of the layout of the restrictions. In addition to the limitations of the above-mentioned package, the electrode size, the electrode spacing is required, the electrode and MESA distance, the width of the road, the boundary between the different layers have their limits, the chip current characteristics, SD process capability, lithography processing capacity Determine the scope of the specific restrictions. In general, the minimum distance between the P electrode and the chip edge is limited to 14 μm or more. The second is to cut the processing capacity of the restrictions. SD scribe + mechanical lobes process has the limit, the chip size is too small may not be lobed. When the wafer diameter increases from 2 inches to 4 inches, or the future increased to 6 inches, the difficulty of dicing lobes is increased, that is, the size of the chip can be processed increases. To 4-inch film, for example, if the chip short side length of less than 90μm, aspect ratio greater than 1.5: 1, the yield loss will be significantly increased.

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