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Applicable models: indoor small pitch P1.2, P1.5 () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () () P1.6, P1.9, P2.0

Applicable places: security monitoring center, traffic command center, military command center, video conference room, electricity, customs, hospitals, airports, etc. The The monitoring center, including security monitoring, traffic command center, military command center, is a set of information, rescue, command, supervision, monitoring and other functions in one of the information supervision and management. Core, for all types of emergency response to provide information security and decision support. Their common feature is the number of access signals, the screen also shows the signal screen is also more. LED screen is the main link of the whole system of human-computer interaction, personnel scheduling, planning decisions need to be completed in this session, is to protect public safety and disposal of public emergencies, major events, emergency management of the command and control places, through Large-screen display control system, the large amount of information, high data flow and multi-channel monitoring flexible and convenient to show in a rich content, accurate and efficient integrated information display interface. LED large screen can respond to security customers in the call to judge the signal to do close-up and analysis, timely make judgments and processing, issued command orders, real-time monitoring and centralized command and dispatch purposes.

1, the system centralized control, to achieve large-screen and peripheral equipment, centralized control, User interface design, to achieve real-time control of all equipment.

2, multi-user management, support network sub-control and multi-user operation, both single-screen operation can be a single screen can also be set by the operator to control the large-screen system to achieve interactive remote control.

3, multi-signal access, large-screen control software can be different display terminals (LED display and LCD display) signal image window and processor application window of various operations.

4, can be set, storage and management scenarios and plans; to facilitate the realization of the scene and the preparation, preservation, modification, delete, you can achieve all the display screen pre-arranged. Dibo Wei small distance display as a complete video wall, used to display high-resolution image screen, the real reduction of the scene; at the same time support multiple signal access, After the processing of the screen in the form of a window in the display anywhere on the wall zoom, zoom, roaming, etc., for all types of decision-making to provide intuitive and rapid means of modernization.


Address:Hero Industrial Zone,7#, Junxin Industrial Road, Junzi bu Village, Guanlan Town, Longhua new District, Shenzhen, China  电话:0755-89480678  MobilePhone:13530107654  E-mail:szdbw@dbw-tech.com