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Traffic guidance

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Applicable models: P10, P16, P20 single and double outdoor traffic guidance screen

Applicable places: expressways, national highways, urban roads, gate vehicle information, etc.

Dibowei traffic guidance screens mainly include: traffic variable information signs, urban road guidance signs, gate vehicle information screens, etc.;

It is mainly used for real-time display of information such as variable intelligence information, speed limit signs, route instructions, lane information, etc.; it publishes some humane friendly prompt information, such as: drive carefully, pay attention to safety, please do not drive with fatigue, prohibit drinking and driving Warmly welcome leaders to inspect and guide work, celebrate the Spring Festival, etc.

Features are as follows:

1. It adopts industrial-grade standard and ultra-high brightness design to ensure that traffic information is still visible in rainy and foggy weather conditions with poor visibility.

2. Built-in wireless data transmission module to realize remote real-time information release.

3. The intelligent control system realizes the automatic processing and release of road condition information, automatic brightness control, automatic temperature and humidity adjustment, automatic monitoring and alarming of operating conditions, and unattended and safe operation around the clock.

4. Built-in lightning protection facilities to prevent burning due to lightning strikes.

5. It has a photosensitive control system that automatically adjusts the brightness of the display screen according to the changes in indoor and outdoor light, which will not affect the normal driving of the driver, and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which greatly reduces your operating costs.

6. With IP65 protection level, it can work normally in rainy days.

Dibowei electronic LED traffic guidance screen uses high-quality LED chips, the brightness can be adjusted to high enough, the picture is still high-definition and eye-catching in strong sunlight or rain and fog, with a reasonable viewing angle, and fully meet the normal visual distance within 200 meters.


Address:Hero Industrial Zone,7#, Junxin Industrial Road, Junzi bu Village, Guanlan Town, Longhua new District, Shenzhen, China  电话:0755-89480678  MobilePhone:13530107654  E-mail:szdbw@dbw-tech.com