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outdoor full color LED development trend
Edit:Shenzhen DBOVE-LED Technology Co. Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-03-24

Outdoor full color LED display is more and more popular, LED display and plasma display LCD monitors and other competitors of the display market, full-color LED display as a branch LED display, LED display in the market to obtain excellent results. In full color LED technology will continue to improve and expand the market space, play energy-saving advantages, to achieve more beautiful, innovative new applications. Full color LED display growth and development of large-scale, is the basis of the attractiveness of the full-color LED display. At present, some markets, such as large commercial advertising community, large playground, to attract more owners of advertising and public attention, and vigorously build large LED display area.

The future, full color large area LED display most of the extraordinary project, which is the industry development trend, but also reflects the progress of social development. But please note that in the pursuit of a large area of color at the same time, we must consider the quality of the product and the resulting positive energy. Outdoor color LED refers to the use of electricity and operating costs, on the benefits of full color LED operators energy saving, but also on the country's energy consumption.

From the current situation, the cost of the display is saved, not more than the conventional display, and will be saved in use and respected by the market. With the future, full color LED energy saving will become a commercial bargaining chip bargaining chip. However, saving energy is a trend, so saving data can not be arbitrarily specified by the enterprise. At present, some companies in the market in order to attract attention, energy saving 70% of energy-saving data is equal to 80% energy saving, and the real energy-saving effect is difficult to measure. In addition, someone deliberately energy saving, high brightness of the concept of confusion, the display of energy-saving effect entirely depends on the high brightness, this is not the correct concept. For energy-efficient outdoor full color LED display, must be combined with LED lamps, driver IC, feed step, energy consumption design, intelligent energy-saving system design and structural design of the combination of A series of indicators of energy, conservation goals require the joint efforts of the entire industry. When full-color LED applications are more extensive, the people on the screen are not limited to the pursuit of early use effects, but still have to maintain a good period of time after the effect.... A few years ago, full color LED screen correction, just a new superior technology, only large-scale, high-end visualization can be used. More importantly, people do not care about color correction a little bit, the lack of awareness of the use. With the indoor and outdoor full color LED more and more projects, different quality of the screen began to appear in the field of view, compared to dwarves, no next to the editing screen, of course, can not To meet the needs of the owners and the public attention. Point-by-point calibration technology continues to mature, the price is declining, this useful technology makes full-color LED display is always excellent. In the future, point-by-point correction will become the norm of color technology. Development of outdoor display advertising to create large-scale LED applications, the traditional advertising media company to strengthen the external display layout, to seize the entire community, which manufacturers are LED display are Outdoor advertising industry to join the army, directly involved in the market competition.

Market LED display outdoor burns to promote color development. Due to the complexity of the installation environment, outdoor LED display technology level is high, not only to deal with a variety of adverse climate changes, but also to prevent the car exhaust and other chemical substances abuse. A few years ago, almost all the outdoor world color LED lines. This trend has changed as a result of advances in SMD installation technology on the outer surface. External exposure SMD color screen, beautiful, perspective, maintenance and other aspects of better than online display, more in line with outdoor use requirements.


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