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video conference

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Applicable models: indoor conventional fixed LED display and small-pitch LED display

Applicable places: video conference centers such as enterprises, government units, hotels, etc.

With the continuous improvement of network technology and video display technology, video conferences are aimed at realizing timely communication and efficient operation. High-definition and stable display equipment is an important guarantee for improving work efficiency. The application of the video conference system has evolved from a simple conference to a variety of interactive video applications based on the network. Support multi-server dynamic cluster deployment, and provide multiple high-performance servers, with good interconnection and interoperability, higher security, high reliability and high stability, and support meeting modes with different needs.

Features are as follows:

1. It is responsible for collecting more than 60% of the information we perceive, which is very important. Traditional projection equipment has disadvantages such as low brightness, limited viewing angle, blurred imaging, and high requirements for the applicable environment, and has not achieved the maximum value of the meeting.

2. Advanced high-definition video coding technology and high-fidelity wide audio coding technology can be applied to signal input under different IP network bandwidth conditions.

2. High security measures and encryption system can effectively resist attacks such as network viruses and hackers.

3. Redundant backup strategies such as platform power supply, complete machine, network port, transmission line, etc. ensure 7*24 hours of uninterrupted, efficient and stable operation.

4. The system leaves enough room for expansion to facilitate the expansion and upgrade of the video system, adapt to various future needs, and maximize the use of equipment.

5. Graphical operation interface, easy to operate, maintain and manage.

Dibowei's remote video technology is widely used in private network scheduling and management, sales and promotion, emergency rescue, video command, remote education, remote medical treatment, remote collaboration, remote visits and other functional areas, achieving rapid communication, rapid decision-making, and improving work Efficiency has brought good economic and social benefits to all walks of life.


Address:Hero Industrial Zone,7#, Junxin Industrial Road, Junzi bu Village, Guanlan Town, Longhua new District, Shenzhen, China  电话:0755-89480678  MobilePhone:13530107654  E-mail:szdbw@dbw-tech.com